Advanced Operator Controls

Networkable Solutions with Digital
& Software Control

Advanced Operator Controls:
LBD has several, powerful platforms to choose from.

Manual operator controls with switched load steps are the industry standard. But sometimes this does not offer enough control.  LBD has three additional platforms to work with that offer:

  • Networking Capability (ethernet/ RS-485)
  • PC  Software Control
  • Remote Control
  • Fault Diagnostics & Automation
  • Advanced Digital Control



Load Bank Networks

Centralized control of load bank networks can be easily accomplished with either the Series One or Rx-ILB platforms.

Series One

Intelligent Digital Controls


Manual or Software Control

Pilot Relay Control

External Customer Controls

Modbus Comm

Modbus RTU/ Modbus TCP


  •  In addition to our standard manual switch control, the three advanced LBD control platforms provides you with the flexibility to choose the best control scheme for your testing requirements.
  •  For some applications, such as data center commissioning, controlling large groups of load banks simultaneously is important. Networking is a key consideration and available in both the Series One and Rx-ILB control schemes.
  •  If a dedicated digital controller with advanced functions is optimal, then the Series One is your best choice.
  •  If the simplicity of manual controls is appealing, but also networking and advanced control, then Rx-ILB is the right solution.
  •  For load bank integration into existing building management/ SCADA/ PLC controls, LBD can provide Modbus slave communications or pilot relay control to interface with external control circuits.

Please call one of our Application Specialists to review your specific testing requirements and help you choose the best control scheme. Note that specific controls are limited to certain platforms.

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