Resistive Reactive Load Banks

Inductive 0.80 Power Factor
Testing Solutions

The RL Series Resistive-Reactive Load Banks : Setting the standard for testing Mission Critical Systems.

A robust, resistive/ inductive, high capacity load bank ready for the great outdoors

High Capacity  *  300 kVA to 1875 kVA

Ideal for testing and maintenance of large AC power systems at rated kVA

Weatherized & Self Contained

Built for harsh environments, the RL Series has a modular design with isolated resistive and reactive loads


High Capacity

300 kVA to 1875 kVA

System Voltages (typical)

up to 600 VAC

Enclosure Type


Main Features

  • The RL Series Resistive-Reactive Load Banks offers a 0.80 power factor load.
  • Ideal for testing large generators, switchgear, transformers and UPS systems.
  • The structural skid with fork-lift pockets allows for portability and is ideal for shipyards, power plants, OEMs and data centers.
  • The perfect solution for regularly scheduled maintenance testing and commissioning of mission-critical standby emergency power systems where rated kVA, rated power factor and rated current testing is required.

Construction | Built to Last

The RL Series enclosures are constructed of galvanized steel with the highest quality durable powder-coat paint finish, and external stainless steel fasteners. All power, motor, and control connections are provided in a sealed thermostatically controlled heated compartment to limit any harmful effects of moisture and condensation. The enclosure is stationary-type, outdoor construction, to be installed and operated on a floor, roof-top, or concrete pad.  Forklift channels are provided within the base for ease of lifting and handling during installation.


Operator Controls

  •  Emergency Stop (E-Stop)
  •  Illuminated Main Power On/Off switch
  •  Illuminated Blower Start/Stop Switch
  •  Master Load On/Off switch
  •  Individual Load Step Switches
  •  Fault condition smart indicators provide operator display and load disconnect during Air-Flow Failure, Over-temperature, Motor Overload, and Load Dump

Operator Protection | When Safety Matters

The RL Series Load Bank comes equipped with an Emergency-Stop push button allowing the operator to take the unit off-line should a critical hard-stop condition occur.

Blower On, Motor Overload, Air-Flow Failure, and Over-temperature circuits disable all load steps during a fault condition with operator visual indicators, while the Load Dump circuit provides the operator visual indication if all load steps have been removed.


Standard Capacities

kVA @ 0.80 pf  kW  kVAR
300 240 180
500 400 300
750 600 450
1250 1000 750
1500 1200 900
1875 1500 1125

Standard Voltages

480 Volts AC, 3-Phase, 60 Hertz
600 Volts AC, 3-Phase, 60 Hertz

3.75 kVAR/ 5 kW


Side intake, vertical discharge 

Power Wiring
150C insulated, EPDM

Power Connection
Direct to plated bus bar

LBD also manufactures stand alone Load Reactors (kVAR Reactive Load Banks). These are often used to counteract high capacitive reactance found in certain environments. Please consult factory with your exact specifications for a custom solution.

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