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Series One: Intelligent Digital Control for Load Banks

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Load Banks Direct, LLC is setting the standard for load bank operation and control. The Series One digital controller is a microprocessor-based operator control system that is optimized for fast and accurate load testing and is available on our entire line of load bank products.

The Series One offers the following features:

  • Robust microprocessor-based operator control panel that is designed for convenient, flexible load testing.
  • Master / Slave capability – control up to 16 load banks with a single controller. Master controller auto-senses the total KW available for the entire connected fleet.
  • Automatic Voltage Correction - the Controller evaluates the load voltage and scales the applied load for enhanced accuracy.
  • Auto Step Control - easily program and launch an automatic load test with up to 10 individual KW steps and corresponding time intervals.
  • Load Servo Mode - the Controller will intelligently monitor the entire load test and automatically make adjustments to keep the desired load KW within a defined range.
  • Advanced data acquisition and independent recording capability of critical load test measurements - all stored on non-volatile memory. No need for a PC connection at test site!
  • Optional Remote Controller can be connected and positioned up to 5000 feet from test area over a single RS-485 cable.
  • Fault Diagnostics will identify over 15 fault conditions to assist the operating when troubleshooting issues.
  • Automatic blower start and stop with voltage and phase rotation correction.
  • Back-lit liquid crystal display offers superior viewing for both bright and dim light conditions.
  • Field upgradeable firmware allows you to stay current with the latest control advancements.
  • Rugged, industrial grade controller for reliable performance.
  • Power metering includes convenient single screen display of Load Line Volts, Amps, KW, Frequency and Power Factor.
Simplified load bank testing. Powerful, advanced features when you need it.

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There are four basic operator control screens on the Series One Digital Controller. Depending on the test objectives and data required, the technician may conduct the entire test on the Main Screen, adding and subtracting load, measuring actual load applied, line voltage, etc. - all within a single, intuitive operator interface. Truly simplified controls for simple tests.  

When greater control and detail is required, the Series One makes the job easy with three advanced controls screens. Advanced features include industry exclusive Load Servo Mode Testing, Master/ Slave Control, Auto Step Testing & more!

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LBD’s complete line of portable and stationary Load Bank products offers industry exclusive load testing solutions for generator set dealer/distributor networks, service arms, rental companies, end users, and original equipment manufacturers of generator sets, UPS systems, turbines, fuel cells, wind power,  and battery systems.  LBD is your factory-direct complete solutions partner.