Rx-ILB Controls

Dual Modes: Ultimate in Flexibility
Manual or Software Controls 


Some Key Features:

An LBD Rx-ILB dual mode load bank allows for simple manual control operation, or as an intelligent, network capable device.

  •  Manual Operator Control Panel provides familiar detection and display of Main Power On, Blower Motor On, Motor Overload, Air-Flow Failure, Over-Temperature and Load Dump.
  •  With Software Control Capabilities the load bank can also be accessed from a PC for standard operation, data acquisition and recording.
  •  Rx-ILB is capable of remote updates to firmware.
  •  Power Metering via the Rx-ILB includes convenient single screen display of Load Line Volts, Amps, KW, Frequency and Power Factor.
  •  Networks can be up to 250 load banks on a single ethernet string with the Rx-ILB.


Rx-ILB Software:

The Rx-ILB software is capable if integrating multiple load bank sizes into one testing platform. They can be put into virtual groups within the network with separate power limits and controlled remotely. The software is also capable creating scripts for automatic load bank operation.



  •  Switch timings within 100mSec in Rx mode
  •  Internal UPS on remote & Maintenance history logged
  •  Dual Mode- simple manual controls when networking is not required
  •  5kW Resolution available
  •  Networks are ethernet based



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