when to specify radiator mounted load banks

In today's energy-reliant age, facilities that use emergency backup generators to run mission-critical business operations or life support rely on load bank testing to ensure their power source output capabilities. Know for short as gen-sets, electrical generator sets must maintain system functioning off the grid and kick-start seamlessly after an overall power failure.

Medium voltage load banks are generator testing devices used to verify functionality, performance and safety. Whether you work in engineering, utilities, manufacturing, healthcare or anything in between, you can use load banks to facilitate safe and accurate medium voltage testing for all your most valuable systems. These devices are widely used to reinforce power sources across many industrial applications, delivering numerous benefits to companies in these fields.

You rely on your generators to start and operate as expected in emergencies. The effects of wet stacking could compromise your generator performance. You can counter this issue by using load banks to prevent wet stacking and protect the life of your power sources. With a load bank, you correct problems that stem from rarely using the generator by exercising the equipment and encouraging it to burn its fuel completely. Discover how load banks can help preserve your generator by preventing wet stacking.

In the increasingly digital world, data centers play a crucial role in storing valuable information. Server sites must be efficient, secure and reliable to support critical business operations. As internet traffic rises, data center maintenance becomes even more essential to prevent costly downtimes. Proactive solutions and testing are necessary to prevent disruptions before they happen.

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