To our valued suppliers, customers, and industry partners:

As you recall from previous communications, in November 2020 Load Banks Direct was acquired by Trystar, LLC (Faribault, MN). Since then, we have continued integrating our business with Trystar and have relocated our manufacturing operations to Faribault.

Trystar has spent many years building a strong brand through exceptional product design, amazing engineering, and strong customer relationships. And as you already know, so has Load Banks Direct!

We believe both brands are central to many years of delivering value to the electrical power market; and represent who we are to employees, sales representatives, customers, suppliers, and the broader community. When Trystar acquires a brand (e.g., Load Banks Direct) to become part of the Trystar family, great respect is given to that brand and time is taken to deliberately integrate that brand into Trystar. Trystar learns from the acquired business, and improves it as it becomes part of the company.

Earlier this month, Load Banks Direct and Trystar officially launched a new re-branding effort, and we want to share some details about our re-branding strategy and our communication plan.

The first step in our re-branding, is introducing our interim combined logo:


As Load Banks Direct begins re-branding as Trystar, you will begin to see this interim logo on our website … in e-mail signatures … on sales collateral … on purchase orders, quotation forms, invoices, shipping forms, and letterhead … and in blog posts, e-blasts, social media, and other documentation that you’re accustomed to seeing and receiving from us. (For those of you who are not familiar with Trystar’s logo, the icon/mark was inspired by the look of wiring diagrams, which is a nod to the power industry.   The “T” was worked into the design.)

Know that your current Load Banks Direct contacts in Purchasing, Sales, and Accounting are not changing! You will continue to interact with your LBD contacts, just as you have been doing.

Throughout the re-branding, we will continue to communicate our progress to you. We expect this effort to be complete within the next 6 – 12 months, after which time LBD will then be known as Trystar.

We know that re-branding brings both excitement and apprehension. While this type of change can feel disruptive and uncertain, we encourage you to view our efforts as a positive step forward! We strongly believe that operating under a single, unified brand will benefit everyone we work with; and clearly illustrates our commitment to provide a seamless experience for each of you … our suppliers, customers, and industry partners!

We see a vibrant future ahead, and we hope you share our excitement as we continue to build our future together!

Thank you!

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