Testing a UPS System With a Load Bank

An uninterruptable power source (UPS) is used to calculate whether or not your electrical or IT equipment is capable of running during a power outage. The UPS provides a few minutes of short-term backup power to your equipment using batteries that have stored energy for this very purpose. 

A UPS can also address glitches and equipment failure, but remember that it is not usually capable of supporting heavy loads of electricity that may be required by items like fire pumps or cooling equipment. Just as a generator uses diesel fuel to provide power, a UPS uses batteries that must be regularly tested to ensure that they can handle connected appliances.

Read more about how to test a UPS system with a load bank test and why it's important.


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How to Prepare Your Generator for Winter

As colder weather approaches, taking care of your generator and ensuring it is ready for operation whenever you need it is essential. You'll want your machine to fire up within seconds of a power outage or disruption. Taking steps to prepare your generator is key to keeping it in working condition all year long.

We are breaking down the ways freezing temperatures and precipitation can impact your equipment and the measures you can take to protect your investment. Continue reading to learn more about winter maintenance for standby generators. 

Many patients' lives depend on hospital equipment such as ventilators, dialysis machines and incubators. Power outages that knock out those machines put those lives at risk — and when the power doesn't come back, the risk only intensifies. 

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